11 Hours

The Spirit Pain Connection
The Key to Impacting and Transforming  Pain Very Differently

Your New Year can begin with 
a whole New Sense of Well-Being

 "So lovely to immediately receive healing and support, real understanding of what I was experiencing. I didn't feel alone. I stopped all the judgments and analyzing and started becoming detached but curious which immediately helped. 

Nanna, Sweden

Find the hope you lost so long ago. 
Reclaim the joy in your life. 
Access calm and hope. 
Understand your mind, body and spirit interaction.  
Lessen or eliminate your pain.  

Join Us:

The Spirit Pain Connection
9 January 2023 - 3 March 2023
Pay in Full £497 or 3 payments of £182

Don't Suffer Alone and In Silence

  • Weekly group calls with Catherine to get your questions answered. (£1,500.00 Value)
  • Guidance through the weekly modules. (£500.00 Value)
  • Tools to help you embed the lessons. (£1,000.00 Value)
  • Access to the tools and training even after the course when you need it. (£2,000.00 Value)
  • Catherine meets you where you are to help you understand what you can and cannot do. (£1,000.00 Value)
  • Exclusive What's App community filled with people that know what you are going through and want to support YOU. (£399.00 Value)
  • BONUS: Three months of continued support after the course to make sure your learnings are fully integrated. (£1,000.00 Value)
  • BONUS: Tried and tested resources that will put you in charge of your pain and your sacred journey. (Over £2,000.00 Value)
  • BONUS: Get the benefits of new learnings for the next 18 months FREE, after that pay only a nominal investment to get the latest information. (£3,000.00 Value)

OVER £12,399.00 IN VALUE FOR

The Spirit Pain Connection
9 January 2023 - 3 March 2023

 "...by understanding my whole mind, body and spirit with much more depth I became able to change the levels of pain that I was in

United Kingdom

Catherine Rolt

I know exactly what you are up against when your days can suddenly, or cumulatively, feel unmanageable, grabbing you and shaking you so hard that you just do not know where to turn. You secretly begin to wonder if you have the tools to cope or stand steady again. And yet, all of us are being challenged constantly because..... BEING FULLY AND GLORIOUSLY HUMAN NEEDS UNPACKING FOR IT TO BECOME FUN, ENERGISED, AND PURPOSEFUL. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery.

You DO have exactly what you need for whatever you are up against. You WILL find some steady ground again. I provide the tools for you to UnRavel safely and to bring the fun back into your life. 

Revealing your unique gifts and potential will become the adventure you were always looking for. The challenges you thought you couldn't handle become a very necessary part of the increasing richness of your precious life.

Catherine meets you where you are so you can take back control. 

It's time to...

  • Take charge of your pain, 
  • Stop resisting your pain, 
  • Reduce the tension, stress and anxiety caused by your pain, 
  • Stop being a victim to and afraid of your pain ,
  • End the shaming and isolation, 
  • Stop allowing your pain to hijack you, 
  • See your pain as the safety mechanism it is.   

Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit...

  • Respect what your body is telling you,
  • Identify and harness your divine,
  • Have more joy in your life, 
  • Have more choices around how you address your pain, 
  • Identify the benefits of your pain, 
  • Embrace what the pain is trying to tell you. 

Get Tangible Results by Understanding YOU  
 Find the Peace, Life Flow and Joy you’ve been missing

 "My mental state has improved hugely by understanding myself totally differently - with no shaming or emphasizing complex theories..It has allowed me to get back to myself and what a difference I can make to the reality of my medical situation." 

Ida, England

The Spirit Pain Connection
9 January 2023 - 3 March 2023

It's time to let someone hold your hand while you take charge of your pain so
you can have the life you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

The group call is on Wednesday at 6:00 PM GMT. You will receive an email with the dates and times for all of the group calls after you save your seat, so that you can put them on your calendar right away. 

The power of the group call is in all of the beautiful minds that join each call and I know that sometimes you just cannot make a call. All of the group calls will be recorded and emailed out to you in about 48 hours. You can listen to the recording any time or even more than once. 

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