Transform more wellbeing, fun and adventure during the Spring over 31 days

  Get the fun, joy and adventure back into your days.
Use life's challenges to your advantage and create the life you want.
Life's challenges can become your greatest assets.

In this course, you will:
•Embrace more self-love
•Learn how to give yourself the gift of patience  
•Practice practical ways to stay in balance
 •Experience more vitality than you have in years
•Discover how to harness Mother Nature to create your best self
 •Discover how natural energy and your body are integrated
 •.The course has been designed so it easily fits into your day, each section is only 11 minutes long, and gives you the maximum results with minimum effort.
Be inspired in ways that will surprise, challenge and
 delight you!

   Expect to have fun with:
 •Food for thought- including recipes! 😃
 •Gentle exercises to embed your learnings.
•An enlightening quiz.  
•Thought-provoking questions.

Support and new friends are available to you in a dedicated Facebook group and a WhatsApp Group.  
Share your stories, create new connections, and support others on the same journey as you, while receiving support. 
Catherine and the team will be there too, joining in, adding to the fun, and the learning.         
 Don’t underestimate the impact that these 31 days can have on your life.

This is what one of our lovely students, Janet, said about the course:-

'I'm very well practiced at diminishing myself and not very practiced at empowering myself. Working on it! These last few days I've been feeling like I'm made of lead, so I was asking myself your question from a previous day "what gives me energy". I couldn't quite find it, but the mere fact of asking emptied some of the lead out. Just the asking was giving me some power back and allowing me some ownership.'

'The spaces between despondency, despair, depression, hopelessness and those kinds of emotions, are more frequent. The very real possibility that maybe I don't need to be there at all, has been seen, by me - I'm just so practiced at not being alive and aware that that is a default way. I still very much need the course input, to be a regular reminder of a different possibility. And to have become aware of others struggling with the same kind of issues and to know these issues are universal (not my unique failing) is wonderfully encouraging to keep going, keep growing my awareness, keep learning to understand myself, in my context and the environmental context. And to learn and know, that different parts of my body have seasons too and sometimes need different kinds of care, is so encouraging!'

' I'm thinking about what I eat and drink, with a different kind of awareness. I'm not beating myself up (quite so much) for "not managing". I'm growing my awareness of my organs and how I'm being affected and maybe how to care more. I'm bringing together in my awareness, my body, my feelings, my emotions, the season, the environment.'

This is what one of our lovely students, Josie, said about the course:-

 'From my experience and my experience of the course, a greater awareness of what is going on in my physical and emotional body, and the connection of that to the force of the energy within the earth. A better understanding of what is going on, and how to use that understanding positively and creatively.'          

You are such an inspiration the way you have transformed your trials into an example of thriving amidst challenges to help us all . A true Alchemist! 💚 

       'The course is reminding me of the dynamic energy of mother that rises up at this time of year . I feel the rearing to go feeling under depression at times . When there is a gap in habitual reactions and emotions I can sense the life force that sustains us all . I’m enjoying observing nature more closely which the course has encouraged me to do. I’m learning too'    

This is what one of our lovely students, Angela, said about the course:-
Very profound and simple prompts for each day were easy to take on board. The course is full of wisdom and heartfelt caring. Encouraging and nurturing and based on real experience.Very supportive.  


Course Curriculum

Catherine Rolt

I know exactly what you are up against when your days can suddenly, or cumulatively, feel unmanageable, grabbing you and shaking you so hard that you just do not know where to turn. You secretly begin to wonder if you have the tools to cope or stand steady again. And yet, all of us are being challenged constantly because..... BEING FULLY AND GLORIOUSLY HUMAN NEEDS UNPACKING FOR IT TO BECOME FUN, ENERGISED, AND PURPOSEFUL. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery.

You DO have exactly what you need for whatever you are up against. You WILL find some steady ground again. I provide the tools for you to UnRavel safely and to bring the fun back into your life. 

Revealing your unique gifts and potential will become the adventure you were always looking for. The challenges you thought you couldn't handle become a very necessary part of the increasing richness of your precious life.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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