Impact your health in the Winter over 31 days

Maximising your health in the Winter by discovering more about yourself this season

Implement new skills to maximise your mental and physical health this Winter 

                         "Brought to you personally by Catherine Rolt; Author, healer,
                                                   transformational facilitator"
                 This series is created by Catherine to inspire you to understand more about                                 the connections between you, Nature and the seasons.

 Discover what the hibernating Winter time is all about.

 Maximize your own sense of well being with deeper knowledge of Integrated Wisdom that has been around for thousand of years. All Medicine people throughout time have harnessed Seasonal cycles.

Life lived from the inside out, rather than the outside in brings far more peace, meaning and joy.

Through Nature's seasonal cycles more of our own potential can be revealed. The more we understand what our own internal climate is the more of an impact we can have on our outside.

Catherine shows people the 'hows' to UnRavel all levels of your potential, in the midst of mental or physical health challenges.
Get back to living life on Natures terms, revealing more of the adventure in your days.

 Understand more what your mind, body and spirit is telling you through the seasons.

The willingness to know more about ourselves maximizes our health every which way and impacts the quality of all of our relationships.

Discover how to find more balance in the energy of the Winter.

Over 53 lessons requiring minimum effort, giving maximum results to feel better, no single module is more than 11 minutes long so easy to fit into your days.
    Embracing more self love, growth, patience, balance and vitality on really practical manageable levels.  

"I loved the revelations the days produced to shift my mood" - a previous student

   FUN EXTRAS TO EXPECT: Beautiful poetry,  Plenty of food for thought, (including fabulous recipes)  

  • 53 individual sections for you to discover more about yourself in connection to the Winter season
  • Quizzes, questions and small homeworks to have fun getting to know more about your own Winter energy
  • Poetry and for fun introducing you to our lucky mascot Casper 
  • Delicious recipes to create at your leisure - nourishing wonderments for this season
  • Catherine's take on what is happening so together we do not have to be quite so overwhelmed  and MORE

Course Curriculum

Catherine Rolt

Author; Integrated Chinese Medical Practitioner; Speaker; Transformational Facilitator inspiring the many ways that we can learn to thrive and be empowered to BE in our lives with humour and joy again; Finding the Ease in our layers of un-ease and dis-Ease.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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  • Maximising your health in the Winter over 31 days
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    Discover more about yourself and empower yourself through this Season.

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